We Treat Dry Eye Disease

Over the last decade, the importance of dry eye disease as a cause of ocular problems has become more recognized. New diagnostic tests and new treatment options are being developed to combat this serious disease.

These are some other signs you may have dry eyes:

  • Watery eyes
  • Redness
  • Scratchy or gritty sensation
  • Burning with or without itching
  • Excess irritation from smoke and wind
  • Vision changes throughout the day, especially with reading

The doctors of The Eye Care Institute set up the Dry Eye Center of Kentucky as a specialized department of our medical practice to treat this increasingly troublesome medical condition. We strive to utilize the latest technologies to diagnose and to treat this severe disease.

Whether your dry eye condition has become a concern recently, or if it has been occurring for years, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with The Dry Eye Center of Louisville, Kentucky. Visit our Dry Eye Doctors.

Additional signs of dry eyes: Scratchy, Itchy, Itching, Burning, Tears, Tearing, Dry, Restasis, Visine, LipiView, LipiFlow, Tearscience