Dry Eye FAQ

Q: What do I do if my dry eyes are making me crazy?

A: Please contact us immediately to see one of our dry eye specialists. You can either use our website contact form or you can call us directly at 502-589-1500


Q: What are the potential causes of dry eyes?

A: There can be many causes of dry eyes from environmental factors to aging conditions to even medications. Please visit our page related to dry eye syndrome causes for more information

Q: Who is most at risk for developing dry eyes?

A: The aging population is most at risk, but people that work in windy or dusty environments can develop this condition as well.

Q: Is dry eye syndrome an epidemic and how many people actually suffer from dry eyes?

A: According to the Schepens Research Institute in Boston, MA. There are over 10 million people suffering from dry eye syndrome. Many eye doctors have labeled this as an eye care epidemic.

Q: Are LASIK patients more at risk for this?

A: Many people that have had LASIK do not have dry eyes, but there has been some physicians that think LASIK may increase the risk of dry eyes.

Q: Can contact lenses play a role in developing dry eyes?

A: Yes, contact lenses can irritate the tear film in a person’s eyes and assist in the progression of dry eye syndrome. For people with allergies, dry eye syndrome can be bothersome and wearing contacts may make things even worse.

Q: Is the Dry Eye Center of Kentucky participating in research for dry eye syndrome?

A: Yes, our practice is currently involved with a dry eye clinical study with FDA oversight.  Further, The Eye Care Institute often participates in multiple clinical trials; often these include glaucoma or dry eye syndrome.

Q: What are the main treatment options available?

A: The main treatment options include eye drops, Restasis® and punctual plugs. Please see our webpage on dry eye treatment options for more details.